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Magnetic Tools

Product contained in this category are from the Directory range.
Orders that include products from this range will be delivered on a 48 hour delivery service.

Categories of Magnetic Tools

New Products in Magnetic Tools

301a Countersunk Magnets (2) 10mm Polarity: North

£2.88/ unit/ unit

301b Countersunk Magnets (2) 10mm Polarity: South

£2.88/ unit/ unit

314 Countersunk Magnets (2) 20mm Polarity: North

£7.73/ unit/ unit

315 Countersunk Magnets (2) 20mm Polarity: South

£7.73/ unit/ unit

600 Ferrite Disc Magnet 14mm (Card of 10)

£2.65/ unit/ unit

601 Ferrite Disc Magnet 20mm (Card of 10)

£3.62/ unit/ unit

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