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Shears- Hedge/ Edging


Bahco Hedge Shears

Price: £48.11/ unit

Bahco Long Handled Hedge Shears

Price: £51.86/ unit

Fiskars Edging Shears

Price: £40.58/ unit

Bahco Edging Shears

Price: £33.79/ unit

Bulldog Premier Hedge Shears

Price: £12.55/ unit

SARTRA® Hedge Shears

Price: £23.99/ unit

Topairy Shear

Price: £13.69/ unit

SARTRA Edging Shears

Price: £21.99/ unit

Bulldog Premier Edging Shear

Price: £28.07/ unit

Bulldog Premier Lawn Shear

Price: £28.55/ unit

Bahco P74 Lawn Shear

Price: £38.99/ unit

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